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How To Crack SSC CGL 2018 in the first attempt? Golden Tips

Everyone may be wondering what this SSC CGL is really all about. But first, let us define it to have a further knowledge about it. SSC CGL stands for Staff Selection Commission- Combined Graduate Level. This is a test done by the Government of India to recruit staff to different posts in ministries, departments, and organizations. It has a different schedule every year but it usually lasts for 3 weeks to give way to the number of applicants who want to take part in this test.

Who is eligible to apply for SSC CGL?

It is actually quite easy. As long as you have a Bachelor’s Degree with a course recognized by the UGC from any institute then you are definitely qualified to take the exam.

How to apply for SSC CGL?

Now that everything is mostly done online, you just have to wait for the online application to start. To further prepare for the test, you can download the application and sign up for free SSC CGL. This application also notifies you regarding the updates.

How to crack SSC CGL?

Preparing for an examination even during your grade school years takes a lot of time and effort. Of course, you always have this goal in mind to be included on the top passers but as you grow old, you tend to become less competitive and your concern now is to solely pass the test.

To crack SSC CGL, you’ll need to keep in mind a few things to totally prepare yourself.

Review in advance

This one’s probably obvious but in order to have yourself prepared, you have to review. There are a lot of practice materials available for download online that you can use. Allot some time at least a few hours a day to read these to help retain any information in your mind before the test day arrives.

Try to answer the previous exams

This happens but not all the time. The items that will appear on the test have already appeared in the previous tests. At least try to solve them in advance to have an advantage over the other exam takers. This will also give you less time in taking the exam and more time to just relax your mind while waiting for the result.

Take mock tests

It is also important to practice your speed and accuracy in taking the exam. Mock tests are a great deal for you to ease your tension as well. Why not take a mock test to also know your speed and accuracy in taking an exam? This will surely help a lot when you are taking the official test already.

Take time to relax

You don’t need to pressure yourself too much before taking the test. Have some time to unwind and release stress because the more pressure you put on yourself, then the more difficult it will be for you during the test.

Be mindful of these tips and you’ll surely crack the SSC CGL in your first attempt. With the right amount of preparation and relaxation, the test will definitely be a walk in the park for you.



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