Get extra marks in UPTET 2018

How to Guess Right Answer in UPTET 2018: Secret Revealed

As we all know UPTET 2018, the notification is out and the exam is proposed on 4 Nov 2018. You might have opened the article just to know the secret method to get extra 20 marks in UPTET 2018 exam. Well, let me explain in detail

There are total 150 Questions in UPTET 2018, divided into 5 different subjects. What you all have to do is, attempt the questions that you know without any guessing work. If you are sure about a particular question then only mark the answer in your OMR sheet. Once you finish with exam without any sort of guessing then we can move to step 2

Suppose we have completed the UPTET 2018 exam and attempted total 87 marks in all the 5 subjects combinedly. Now the trick starts

UPTET exam or other OMR based exams are based on a very cool structure of dividing the total no of questions equally to 4 different options. What I mean is if the total questions are 150 then the Option A ) Will have 150/4= 40+ correct options out of 150

Option B) will have 40+ correct answers out of 150, similarly, option C and D will also have roughly 40-40 correct answers.

Now, we have to count the total no of questions we attempted and having option A as correct answer, note it down.

Now repeat the same with option B, C, and D.

Let’s have an example with a demo OMR sheet of UPTET 2018.

original OMR UPtet 2018


Attempted total 87 Questions out of 150 in UPTET 2018

Option A)  15

Option B)  27

Option C)  27

Option D)  18

Now, check the option whose count is minimum so far. So, we will select Option A. Now take out your Pen and circle all the remaining answers in your OMR sheet with option A as the option is having the maximum probability of getting the most of the correct answers out of other 3 options.

If you were scoring 87 marks before the guessing work, now you’ll get somewhere 105+ marks in UPTET 2018.

This is a cool trick and I am sure you’ll surely get some extra marks with this small trick. Just share this trick with your friends and also help them to score extra marks with almost no efforts.


Author: Ajay Khakhat

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